Hardleyz- Installment VI



‘Skip, we think we know who took your car.’ Frank said as they sat down in Skippy’s room.

‘Really?’ Skippy said excitedly.’ Where is it? Who did it?’

‘Well, we don’t know where it is,’ Joe said. ‘Or who took it.  Or if she still has it.’

‘She? What the fuck?’ Skippy exclaimed, crumpling his empty beer can and throwing it into the corner. Joe and Frank explained the story (leaving out the sexual encounters)  as Skippy opened his dorm fridge and offered them Blotto beer. They accepted the cans even though they thought it tasted like cat piss. Frank worried that Debbie could be in her room, eavesdropping on their conversation.

‘Well, fuck me running,’ Skippy said. ‘That’s one warped story. Did you think of tying the Murchison case to this redhead? We don’t get this kinda shit happen around here much.’

‘            Maybe where you hang out,’ Pepe said.

Skippy bolted upright. ‘Dudes! We gotta roll! She could be jacking some other place. With my car! Then the pigs will think I did it!’

‘Uh, we’ll take care of the pigs, Skip’, Joe replied.

‘Oh- uh- yeah,’ Skippy said, sheepishly.

‘But where do we look for this red snapper?’ Pepe asked. ‘ She must be a little soft in the head, stealing an obvious car like that.’

‘ I was vaccumming it,’ Skippy sighed. ‘I left the door open when I went in the house to clean.’

‘Oops,’ Joe said. Suddenly his phone started ringing Wagner. ‘Oh shit. Dad.’

‘Joe,’ Ferris said on the other line. ‘Meet me at the Shitibank downtown. There’s been another robbery.’

‘Now we’ve got someplace to go,’ Joe said, putting the phone back in his pocket.


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