It’s not over yet- Chapter X



They all spent the better part of an hour searching the caretaker’s house. They found empty liquor bottles, dirty dishes, and some of Lucas’ porn magazines, but no keys or pass card.

‘Well, it sure looks like the bitch took them,’ Pepe said, surreptitiously sliding a porno mag under his shirt. ‘Now what?’

Chopin ‘s Funeral March started playing from Frank’s pocket. He fished his phone out and said, ‘ Damn. It’s dad. I’ve gotta change this ring tone.’

‘What’s the ring like for Fatty Patty’s Den of Sin?’ Skippy asked with a grin.

‘Fuck off,’ Frank said after he answered the phone. ‘Oh- sorry dad. That was for Skip.’

‘Your pinkstripe friend might be a little happier now,’ Ferris Hardley said. ‘His car was just spotted seconds ago heading south on Gault Road, along the railroad tracks.’

‘Maybe she plans to ditch the car and hop a train!’ Frank shouted, hanging up on his father. ‘She’s headed to the train station! Let’s go!’

The Macmillans stayed behind to wait for Lorne Murchison to wake up, while Sean and Titus followed the Beamer down Gault Road at breakneck speed. Titus and Joe had their guns ready while Pepe had some difficulty choosing a weapon in his Xanax-addled state. There was no sign of the Pinkmobile on the road, and the station’s parking lot was nearly empty, except for a police car waiting by the side of the road.

Skippy took out his PDA and looked up the train timetable. ‘The next train for New York arrives at 5:42. That’s in three minutes!’

Frank slowed down to not disturb the cops. The caravan pulled into the parking lot by the station, and they all ran behind the station, and watched the parking lot.

‘Maybe we were wrong,’ Joe said. ‘ She would have been here by now.’

They heard a faint rumble, and the train appeared up the tracks seconds later, slowing down to enter the station.

The squealing of tires instantly interrupted their fixation on the train. Skippy’s car, with the redhead at the wheel. She screeched to a stop and jumped out of the still-running car carrying two large canvas bags and rushed to the station door.

‘’Hey!’ Frank yelled. ‘You! Lisa! We know who you are!’

‘Actually, we don’t…’ Joe mumbled, clutching his gun.

‘And what you did!’ Frank continued. ‘Give it up now!’

The redhead stopped in her tracks and whirled around to face the group. She held a rather menacing .45 magnum, and pointed it at Frank!



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