Hardleys Chapter XI




Frank barely had time to duck away from the bullets as they ricocheted off the side of the station. Joe and Titus each fired off two shots as they fell to the ground, knocking out a light bulb and a garbage can. But one bullet hit their target as she squeezed off another shot that spiraled off toward the empty parking lot.  The redhead fell to the ground, clutching her shoulder. Blood started to seep down the concrete. The two policemen jumped out of their car and sprinted over to the fallen woman, their guns drawn. One approached the prostrate Lisa, while the other called for an ambulance.

‘She’s got a pulse,’ the first cop said, feeling her wrist.  ‘But she’s barely breathing.’

Two more patrol cars pulled up, followed up by an ambulance. Sirens and flashing lights pierced the early evening light. Ferris Hardy pulled up in an unmarked police car as the rescue team loaded Lisa into the ambulance. He approached the group. They were obviously shaken.

‘You fellas O.K.? ‘ Ferris asked in a worried tone.

‘Yeah,’ Frank muttered. ‘Better than her,’ he added, pointing to the ambulance.

‘We’ll take care of the cleanup,’ Ferris said. ‘ But we’ll obviously need you all down at the station later for questioning. Standard procedure and all. But meanwhile, you can tell me what happened.’

All eyes fell on Joe. Fuckin’ hell, he thought. Not again. He proceeded to lay out the events from the Murchison’s to the station. Skippy caressed his car while Titus and Pepe each popped a Xanax.  Sean stared at the victim as she was loaded in the ambulance and taken to the hospital.

‘Damn, he said. ‘I know her. But her isn’t, or wasn’t, Lisa.’

‘ Huh?’ Frank said.

‘Call the Macmillans and Lorne,’ Ferris continued. ‘We’ll need them to meet us down at the hospital. Then we need to find the loot and Lorne’s keys.’

‘No need for the keys,’ Skippy cried. ‘ Got ‘em right here.’ He jangled a full keychain with a pass card attached to it.

‘Damn,’ Sean said again.

‘What’s that, Sean? ‘ Joe asked.

‘I partied with her last week. We got pretty trashed, and then she gave me a blowjob in the Havana Bar’s men’s room.’

‘So Lucas isn’t the only lucky one!’ Pepe cried.

‘Yeah,’ Sean replied.’ Only now that I think about it, maybe I was talking too much. I told her about our estate and the set-up. Fuck. I’m an idiot.’

‘At least you got a hummer,’ Titus said.




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